Fin Tube

  • Heat Exchanger Finned Tube

    Heat Exchanger Finned Tube

    Product presentation:

    Wing tube heat exchanger is a tubular heat exchanger with wings, which can be composed of one or several fin tubes and can have a shell or shell. It is a new heat exchanger suitable for gas-liquid and steam-liquid that can be customized according to the parameter conditions; fin tube is the basic component of the fin heat exchanger. In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, fins are usually added on the surface of the heat exchanger tube, so as to increase the outer area of the heat transfer tube, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the heat transfer efficiency.

  • Alloy Stainless Copper Steel Fin Tube

    Alloy Stainless Copper Steel Fin Tube

    Product presentation:

    The trapezoidal section formed by the calendering of the L-shaped fin tube is compatible with the size of the density distribution of heat flow, and the segment is closely combined and the thermal efficiency is high, which eliminates the contact thermal resistance caused by the segment gap.

    Operating temperature: 230℃

    Characteristics: the use of winding process, high production efficiency, uniform distance, good heat transfer, high wing ratio ratio, the base tube can be protected from air erosion.
    Application: mainly used in petrochemical, electric power, paper, tobacco, building heating and other industries of air cooler, air heater and food industry plant protein powder, starch and other spray drying system of air heater.