• Flat Welding Flange/ Welding Neck Flange/ Screwed Flange

    Flat Welding Flange/ Welding Neck Flange/ Screwed Flange

    Product presentation:

    Welding flange connection is to put two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment, first each fixed on a welding. Between the two welds, plus flanged pads, were fastened together with bolting to complete the connection. Welding is an important connection mode for high-pressure pipeline construction. The welding flange connection is easy to use and can withstand large pressure.

  • 304, 310S, 316, 347, 2205 Stainless Flange

    304, 310S, 316, 347, 2205 Stainless Flange

    Product presentation:

    Flange, also known as flange flange disc or rim. Usually refers to opening at the periphery of a disk-like metal body. Several fixed holes are used to connect other parts and are widely used in various mechanical equipment and pipe connections. Flange is parts connected between shaft and shaft for connection between pipe ends and also used at the inlet and outlet of equipment for connection between two devices such as reducer flange.

    Flange is an important element connecting pipes and is widely used in various industrial fields. Its main function is to connect the pipe, so that the pipe system has good sealing and stability. Flanges are applicable to a variety of piping systems. Flanges can be connected to various pipes, including water pipes, windpipes, pipe pipes, chemical pipes and so on. Whether in petrochemical, power shipbuilding, food processing, medicine and other industries, can see flange. Flanges cover a wide range of piping systems, media, pressure levels and temperature ranges. In the industrial production, the correct selection and use of flange is an important guarantee to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline system.