A106B A210A1 A210C / Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

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Boiler pipe is a kind of seamless pipe. The manufacturing method is the same as the seamless pipe, but there are strict requirements for the steel type used for manufacturing the steel pipe.

The mechanical properties of boiler pipe is an important index to ensure the final service performance (mechanical properties) of steel, which depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment system of steel. In the steel pipe standard, according to different use requirements, the tensile performance (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation), as well as hardness and toughness indicators, as well as high and low temperature performance required by users.

In the production process of seamless steel pipe for boiler, heat treatment is the key process. Heat treatment has an important impact on the internal quality and surface quality of seamless steel pipe, which is particularly important for the production of alloy seamless steel pipe.

Our company adopts non-oxidation heat treatment, the production of steel pipes with stable metallographic organization and good internal and external surface quality, using eddy current and ultrasonic automatic flaw detection, steel pipe one by one for eddy current flaw detection and ultrasonic flaw detection. With ultrasonic thickness measurement and oblique flaw detection functions, it can effectively detect the layered defects in the steel pipe.

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Quality inspection method of seamless steel pipe

1. Chemical composition analysis: chemical analysis method, instrument analysis (infrared C-S instrument, direct reading spectrometer, zcP, etc.).
① Infrared C-S instrument: analysis of ferroalloy, steelmaking raw materials, C, S elements in steel.
② Direct reading spectrometer: C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Mo, Ni, Cn, A1, W, V, Ti, B, Nb, As, Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi in the block samples
③ N- -0 instrument: gas content analysis N and O.

2. Surface quality inspection of steel pipe: 100%
① Manual visual inspection: lighting conditions, standards, experience, identification, steel pipe rotation.
② NDT inspection:
A. Ultrasonic detection UT:
B. ET: (electromagnetic induction)
C. MT and leakage detection:
Magnetic flaw detection, suitable for the detection of surface and near-surface defects of ferromagnetic materials.
D. Electromagnetic ultrasonic flaw detection:
No coupling medium is needed, which can be applied to high temperature and high speed, rough and dry steel pipe surface flaw detection.
E. liquid penetrating test:
Fluorescence, coloring, and detecting of steel pipe surface defects.

3. Physical and chemical performance inspection of steel pipe:
① Tensile test: measure the stress and deformation, determine the strength of the material (YS, TS) and plastic index (A, Z)
Longitudinal, transverse section, arc, circular (¢ 10, ¢ 12.5)
Small diameter, thin wall, large diameter, thick wall calibration distance.
② Impact test: CVN, notch C, V, work J value J / cm2
Standard sample 101055 (mm) Non-standard sample 55 5 (mm)
③ Hardness test: Brinell hardness HB, Rockell hardness HRC, Vickers hardness HV, etc
④ Hydraulic test: test pressure, stabilization time, p=2S δ / D

4. Process performance inspection of steel pipe:
① Flat test: round sample C-shaped sample (S / D & gt; 0.15) H= (1 + 2) S / (+ S / D)
L=40~100mm per unit length deformation coefficient =0.07~0.08
② Pull test: L=15mm without crack is qualified
③ Expansion and curling test: the top taper is 30°, 40° and 60°
④ Bending test: can replace the flattening test (for large diameter pipe).

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Steel Grade:

ST35.8,ST45.8,STB340,STBA 12-2,API5L,5CT


ASME/ASTM SA/A53/513/106/209/210/213/335/178/179/519
ASME/ASTM SA/A213,A312,A269,A778,A789,
DIN 17456, DIN17457,DIN 17459,DIN17175,EN10216,BS3605,BS3059


Outdiameter 10~508mm


1.0-30mm,or according to customer’s special request


2-20meters,or according to customer’s special request


Export Standard Package

Typies of tube:

Boiler tube,precision tube,mechanical tubing,cylinder tube,line pipes,etc

Mill MTC:

Supplied before shipment


The Third Party inspection can be accepted,SGS,BV,TUV

Mount port:

Any port in China

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TT or LC at sight

Our services:

We can customized  according  to customer’s requriement or drawing ,packaging according  to customers’ request

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