Bensteel no aluminum silicon steel products to achieve batch supply

Recently, more than 3,000 tons of a type of aluminum-free silicon steel products were loaded and sent to a user in Shandong, indicating that Angang Group has realized the research and development, promotion, trial production and mass production of the steel type in only one year, and has the stable supply capacity of aluminum-free silicon steel products. By the end of April, it has been supplied more than 8,000 tons to users.

In April last year, Bensteel started the research and development of aluminum-free silicon steel, and quickly completed several rounds of trial production. The performance index of the trial production products reached the domestic advanced level, and then transferred to the mass production mode according to the contract production target.

In the process of research and development, the cold-rolled Silicon Steel Institute of Angang Iron and Steel Research Institute and the electrical steel team of Bensteel Technology Center fully released the efficiency of the reorganization, jointly optimized the process, rationally allocated resources, and quickly completed the mass production of the steel type. As the main unit of the steel composition control, the steel plate company steelmaking process to carry out a lot of process control work, actively coordinate the refining process of LF (ladle refining furnace) and RH (vacuum cycle degassing) two operation link, by technical personnel into a line guidance, after continuous test, exploration, improvement, develop no aluminum silicon steel production points, for how according to the need of RH furnace temperature and rhythm control process cohesion made accurate control. In the rolling process, the cold rolling process adjusts the roller volume according to the strip width to ensure the physical level of the same plate difference; optimize the pressure rate of each channel, reduce the pressure rate of the first and fifth channels, increase the tension of the first channel to improve the physical plate quality; optimize the emulsion cooling and lubrication flow indexes to improve the rolling state, and finally ensure that the performance indexes of aluminum-free silicon steel products reach the user standard.

The stable batch supply of aluminum-free silicon steel products not only fills the vacancy of silicon steel product types of Bensteel, but also provides a new idea for Bensteel to carry out the cost reduction work of the same type of steel in the future, and lays a foundation for the next step to enter the high-end market.

Post time: Jun-06-2023