Handan steel high strength weather resistance structure steel to help the electric locomotive “speed up”

He steel Group Handan steel company Handan Bao hot rolling plant production is busy.”This is a high strength weather resistant structural steel produced for CRRC Datong Electric Locomotive Co., LTD. It is a special steel for railway equipment and will be used to make electric locomotive locomotive.”The factory production technology room technical personnel Li Aimin said.

Since the beginning of this year, Hangang has focused on the high-end market and customers, continued to optimize the “two structures”, worked hard in the “steel to materials, manufacturing to service”, gave full play to the advantages of high-end hot rolled characteristic products, and developed new steel materials for high-strength railway equipment. The supply of high strength weathering structural steel grade is Q355GNHE and the contract quantity is 300 tons.

The production difficulty of high strength weather-resistant structural steel lies in the accurate calculation of deformation resistance and the stable control of the final rolling temperature. The steel contains various alloy elements such as Cu, Cr, Ni and so on, so it is difficult to calculate the cooling model accurately, and the rolling control is difficult due to the complicated calculation of strip thermal conduction coefficient, cooling efficiency and rolling speed.

Before the production, the technical personnel of the production department, the technical center and the hot rolling mill of Handan Steel deeply connected with customers, made a lot of prenatal preparations according to customer requirements, and repeatedly optimized the setting parameters.

Due to sufficient technical preparation, the rolling process of this steel type is stable. After the inspection of the product, the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, physical and chemical performance and other indicators all meet the customer needs.

It is understood that China CRRC Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. was established in 1954, which is the first large-scale railway locomotive manufacturing enterprise built in new China. Over the past 60 years, more than 10,000 high-power locomotives of various types have driven out from here, providing inexhaustible traction power for the rapid development of China’s railway industry.

Post time: Jun-06-2023