How to make the thinnest hot-rolled flat steel for nuclear power in China?

Recently, the rolling mill of Jiangyou Great Wall Special Steel Co., Ltd. of Angang Steel Group has produced two grade nuclear power flat steel with high quality, among which the special stainless steel with 6 mm thick, 400 mm wide and 4200 mm long has set a record of the thinnest hot rolled flat steel in China, which has been well received and highly recognized by customers. What is the story behind the record?

We should know that in the nuclear power field, the requirements for the used flat steel are very strict, especially for the mechanical properties, size accuracy and surface quality such as the hardness of flat steel are very strict, and few domestic manufacturers can meet the requirements.

This year, a domestic research institute is in urgent need of a brand of special stainless steel, seeking cooperation with some well-known domestic manufacturing enterprises, but because the production difficulty is too big, no enterprise to fight. As a special steel enterprise of Angang Group and Panzhihua Steel, we keeps in mind the responsibilities of a central enterprise and serves the national strategy. With years of technical accumulation in the field of special stainless steel research and development, we decided to accept the order of flat steel for nuclear power in the institute.

In order to ensure the high-quality delivery of these high-end nuclear power flat steel on schedule, We set up a nuclear power flat steel project research team, and carefully formulated the product process route. According to the contract delivery time, the production schedule, delivery time node, refine the production schedule of each production unit to ensure timely delivery. Panchangte technology department special stainless steel room carefully do a good job in product design, organize technical personnel to steel mills, forging plants and rolling mills to determine the key control points of product production process, and follow the operation guidance, to the key links of product quality strictly check. At the same time, the flat steel operation area of Panchangte rolling mill, which is responsible for the production of high-end nuclear power steel, continuously improves the production quality of special materials in accordance with the requirements of “Year of Quality Improvement”. Especially in view of the actual situation of the difficult technology, complex process and long production process of flat steel for nuclear power, they especially strengthened the contact with the special stainless steel room of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and carefully compiled the operation instructions of flat steel for nuclear power.

In the 6 mm specification of the three-fire timber production line, they carefully organized the senior technicians responsible for the heating furnace and the two roll and four roll mill to repeat before production, and organized all the production personnel to strictly implement the operation procedures. Tian Xiaofu, the second roll monitor of the rolling mill class, and Liang Bin, the four roll monitor, carefully designed the opening and rolling times, reasonably distributed the pressure amount. Through many careful opening and rolling, he successfully rolled the special stainless steel with a thickness of 6 mm, ensuring that the thickness tolerance was 0.4 mm ~0.6 mm, which met the accuracy requirements of the customer for the material.

Post time: Jun-06-2023