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Copper is a non-ferrous metal closely related to human beings. It is widely used in electrical industry, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields, and is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China.

Copper is the most widely used and the largest used in the electrical and electronic industries, accounting for more than half of the total consumption. Used in the manufacture of various cables and wires, motors and transformers, switches, and printed circuit boards. In mechanical and transport vehicle manufacturing, used to manufacture industrial valves and accessories, instruments, sliding bearings, molds, heat exchangers and pumps, etc.

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It is widely used in chemical industry to manufacture vacuum vacuum, distillation pot, brewing pot, etc.

In the national defense industry to make bullets, shells, guns, gun parts, etc., every 3 million rounds of bullets produced, the need for 13-14 tons of copper.

In the construction industry, used as a variety of pipes, pipe accessories, decorative devices, etc.

Copper alloy consisting of one or several other elements. Pure copper is purplish red, also called purplish copper. The pure copper density of 8.96 melting point of 1083℃ has excellent conductive thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Mainly used for the production of generator bus cable switch device transformer and other electrical equipment and heat exchanger pipe solar heating device flat plate collector and other thermal conductivity equipment. Commonly used copper alloys are divided into brass, bronze and white copper 3 categories.

Application areas

power transmission
Motor manufacturing
Communication cable
Residential electrical lines
electron tube
printed circuit
integrated circuit
Lead frame
Air conditioner and freezer

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Product Name 0.7mm 0.8mm 0.9mm Brass Strip Coil High Quality Copper Brass Strip
Shape Coil/Strip/Plate/Sheet/Bar/Rod/Pipe/Tube/Wire
Size Regular size 600x1500mm or Customized
Grade Pure Copper:C10100/C10200/C11000/C12000/C12200
Copper Alloy:C14500/C17200/C17300/C17510/C18150/C19200/C19210/C19400
Lead Brass:C33000/CuZn36Pb3/C35000/C35300/C36010/C37000/37700/C38000/C38500/CuZn39Pb3/CuZn40Pb2
Tin Brass:C44300/C44500/C46400/HSn90-1
Aluminum Brass:C68700/HAl77-2/HAl66-6-3-2/HAl64-3-1
Tin Bronze:C51000/C51100/C51900/C52100/C54400/CuSn4/CuSn5/CuSn5Pb1/CuSn6/CuSn8
Aluminum Bronze:C60800/C61300/C61900/C62300/C63000
Copper Nickel Alloy:C70400/C71500/C70600/C70620/C73500/75200/76200/C77000H59、H62、H63、H70、H80、H90、H96、TU0-TU2;QSn8-0.3、QSn4-0.3、BZn18-18、BZn15-20、CuBe2
Standard ASTM B280/B111/B152/B88/B49/B359/B505
Temper H,1/2H,3/4H,1/4H,EH,SH,O60 and etc.
Surface Mill,Polished,bright or customized.
MOQ 100kg
Delivery Time 5-10 days after the payment received
Payment Item 30% TT deposit+70% TT balance before delivery

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