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Pure copper is the copper with the highest amount of copper content, because the main component is copper plus silver, the content is 99.5~99.95%; the main impurity elements: phosphorus, bismuth, antimony, arsenic, iron, nickel, lead, iron, tin, sulfur, zinc, oxygen, etc.; used to make conductive equipment, advanced copper alloy, copper-based alloy.

Aluminum brass can be divided into two categories. One is casting brass aluminum to remove impurities and increase the fluidity, the alloy does not exceed 0.5%; the other is forging brass aluminum to increase corrosion resistance, commonly used as condensing pipe, the general composition range is Al1~6%, Zn 24 ~ 42%, and Cu 55 ~ 71%.

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Bronze has the characteristics of low melting point, large hardness, strong plasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bright color and so on. It is suitable for casting of various appliances, mechanical parts, bearings, gears, etc.

Tungsten copper alloy plate is made by vacuum condensation mold condensation method. The product has excellent physical machine performance, and has excellent fire loss ability.
-Mature suppression-understand the heat please shake the shell Wolf grain-fusion process control, no holes inside the product
-High electrical conductivity and electrical processing speed
-Good plasticity, easy to process and shape.

Copper pipe have light weight, good thermal conductivity and high low temperature strength. Often used to manufacture heat transfer equipment (such as condenser, etc.). Also used to assembling low temperature lines in oxygen production equipment. Copper pipe with small diameter is often used to transport pressure liquid (such as lubrication system, oil pressure system, etc.) and used as instrument pressure measuring pipe.

Application areas

power transmission
Motor manufacturing
Communication cable
Residential electrical lines
electron tube
printed circuit
integrated circuit
Lead frame
Air conditioner and freezer

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Product Name Bronze roll
Shape Coil/Strip/Plate/Sheet/Bar/Rod/Pipe/Tube/Wire
Size Regular size 600x1500mm or Customized
Grade Pure Copper:C10100/C10200/C11000/C12000/C12200
Copper Alloy:C14500/C17200/C17300/C17510/C18150/C19200/C19210/C19400
Lead Brass:C33000/CuZn36Pb3/C35000/C35300/C36010/C37000/37700/C38000/C38500/CuZn39Pb3/CuZn40Pb2
Tin Brass:C44300/C44500/C46400/HSn90-1
Aluminum Brass:C68700/HAl77-2/HAl66-6-3-2/HAl64-3-1
Tin Bronze:C51000/C51100/C51900/C52100/C54400/CuSn4/CuSn5/CuSn5Pb1/CuSn6/CuSn8
Aluminum Bronze:C60800/C61300/C61900/C62300/C63000
Copper Nickel Alloy:C70400/C71500/C70600/C70620/C73500/75200/76200/C77000H59、H59-1、H59-2、H59-3、H60、H60-2、H62、H63、H65、H68、H70、H80、H90;QSn8-0.3、QSn4-0.3、BZn18-18、BZn15-20、CuBe2
Standard ASTM B280/B111/B152/B88/B49/B359/B505
Temper H,1/2H,3/4H,1/4H,EH,SH,O60 and etc.
Surface Mill,Polished,bright or customized.
MOQ 100kg
Delivery Time 5-10 days after the payment received
Payment Item 30% TT deposit+70% TT balance before delivery


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